Hostaria Cannavota - Basilica di San Clemente 700 mt / about 8 minutes

It’s a monument that testifies the archeological stratification of Rome. The thirteenth-century church with a Baroque fašade was built on the remains of an early Christian basilica. With the following excavations, remains of ancient Roman buildings were found, including the Mint and a temple of Mithras, worship in Imperial Rome.

Hostaria Cannavota - Villa Celimontana 950 mt / about 12 minutes

Along Via Celimontana you reach the top of the Celio hill, overlooking the Colosseum. On the left hand side there is the church of Santa Maria in Dominica, famous for the mosaics of the ninth century. The Fountain of Navicella (XVI century) and Villa Celimontana, public park, a perfect for a little rest.

A narrow passage surmounted by an arch marks the beginning of Via San Paolo della Croce. The Arch of Dolabella, 10 BC, took its name from the consul who placed it in the old Servian Walls. Then we reach the church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo, founded in the fifth century and rebuilt in the twelfth century, which houses the Roman ruins at the base of the tower. Continuing along the road crowned by seven arches including the name of the ancient Roman road, Clive Scaurus, and the church of San Gregorio Magno. Rebuilt during the Middle Ages on the site where St. Gregory the Great had turned the family home into a monastery, from ancient church are possible to be admired the mosaic floor and ancient columns.

Hostaria Cannavota - Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta 2,9 km / about 36 minutes

Surrounded by the green of the cypresses and enclosed by a wall decorated with obelisks and military trophies, this square was designed by Giovan Battista Piranesi in 1765. The square takes its name from the Order of the Knights of Malta. At the main gate, looking through the keyhole, you can see the dome of S. Peter in a perspective of tunnel formed by a path of trees cut purposely.


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